A Message From The District Attorney

The mission of the District Attorney’s office is to ensure the ethical and efficient prosecution of criminal offenders in Ouachita and Morehouse parishes.  Our offices are staffed by 28 Assistant District Attorneys who handle matters varying from collection of child support obligations to prosecution of violent felonies. We have a team of more than 75 employees who work hard to prepare files for court and assist the public with various needs.  Both the Morehouse and Ouachita parish offices have someone dedicated to assisting the public with filing for protective orders and seeking protection from abuse.  We have Victim Assistance Coordinators in both offices who are ready to assist crime victims with understanding the court process and seeking restitution for financial losses.  Our juvenile office handles the prosecution of juvenile criminal offenders, as well as, working with families in need of care.  Our purpose is to see to the safety our of communities and families.  Please contact us with your questions or concerns. We are glad to assist you.


Press Release


January 31, 2022

Beginning January 24, 2022, a week-long jury trial was held in the Ouachita Parish Courthouse in the case of State…

Ouachita Parish Grand Jury Returns Homicide Indictment

January 31, 2022

The Ouachita Parish Grand Jury met on January 20, 2022, to consider the matter of State of Louisiana v. Blake…

Ouachita Parish Grand Jury Returns Mulitple Indictments

November 19, 2021

The Ouachita Parish Grand Jury met on November 19, 2021, to hear cases pending in Ouachita Parish. The Jury returned…